Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be posting our house on MLS?

No. We are not here to list your house for sale for you. We are investors that want to purchase houses. 

Are you a real estate brokerage?

No. We are not real estate agents, we do not take percentages, we do not put signs in your front yard, and we do not list your house for sale. We are cash buyers, you don’t have to wait for an agent to sell your house, you determine when it’s sold. 

How do you determine what to pay for my house? 

Its simple, we look at several factors: home location, market value, repair values, the overall condition of the property, what your neighbors houses are worth, and then we come up with the fairest offer possible to buy your house AS IS. 

Do I have to fix up my house before you buy it? 

NO! We buy houses AS IS, you don’t need to do any repairs, even the expensive repairs, all you have to do is sell and move. 

What are the fees you charge?

We charge zero fees, zero commissions, we are here to give you the most seemless home selling experience possible.