Acreage Financing and Mortgages

Are you looking for a hobby farm loan or agri-business capital? Canadians looking for acreage financing and mortgages come to time after time. Find out why farmers trust with their financial needs and call us today at 888.393.8686.

Through our relationships with conventional and private lenders loaning money at competitive rates, has been committed to meeting the needs of our clients since 1993. It is through these relationships that is able to get funding quickly and inexpensively when traditional lenders may reject a loan that a client is counting on. is different; consider a few of the main reasons why banks turn down acreage financing and mortgages:

– Bank regulations may reject an application for a small business simply because it does not appear to be the type of business that will ever grow beyond its current size.

– Not all applicants possess the kind of collateral a bank is looking for to secure the loan. With a bank, acreage financing and mortgages sometimes come at the cost of an enormous amount of collateral that is simply not possible to come up with. works with numerous lending agencies willing to loan money with no collateral, one of the major differences in working with a broker.

– Poor credit is not a challenge when it comes to acreage financing and mortgages from Their lenders are not as interested in your credit score as they are in loaning the money you’re looking for at a rate and options that will fit your budget. won’t hold your credit score against you; instead they’ll work hard to find the right lender for your personal needs.

– It may surprise you to learn that it will cost your bank as much to underwrite your small loan as it would for them to underwrite a much larger one.

Canadians come to for their acreage financing and mortgages because they are treated like valuable clients and their needs are taken seriously. will locate the best loan for your agri-business capital and ensure your complete satisfaction. Call an agent today at 888.393.8686 to find out more.